Monday, April 26, 2010

The Coupon Mom Doesn't Live Here Anymore

I just saw a story on the news about a woman who bought $167 of groceries for 46 cents. What the hell? She was not "The Coupon Mom," but some woman who's saving her family so much money that her husband was able to "take the teaching job he always wanted." The story also said that she only spends 45 minutes a week getting organized and clipping coupons. I'm sorry, but that is total bullshit.

I used to clip coupons. Really. But as a single woman, I always wanted things that never showed up in coupon circulars (like wine) or forgot to use the coupons at the checkout or never used the giant tub of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" that sat, creepily, not getting old in my fridge.

And let me tell you, it takes time to clip coupons, sort them, keep them organized (ok, mine were either shoved in a pocket of my purse or stuffed in an envelope that I would eventually forget about only to find them a year later in my file cabinet) and remember to use them.

Just surfing the coupon sites alone has to take more than 45 minutes a week. Plus, the reporter said that she focuses on finding coupons for the "organic" food items that she feeds her family. This has to take way more than 45 minutes and she also tries to hit "double coupon day" at her local stores. It just sounds exhausting.

I guess I could save a buttload on the overpriced organic food that I like to feed my children (the dogs. the cats prefer poison.), but if I have that much time I'd prefer a well-mixed martini and George Clooney. Hell, I'd even watch Solaris rather than clip coupons.

Let me know when they start putting out coupons for Vodka. Until then, I'll be the idiot spending more on dog food than I do on human food.

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