Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cougar Love

I'm sure you had a little fright as you read the title of this post. Alas, it is not me who's a cougar. Rather, it's my little corgi girl, Lily. A Corgi Cougar? Can it possibly exist? Yes, indeed and we have several witnesses to verify her sluttish behavior.

As Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote: "In the spring, a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love." So, apparently, did the thoughts of my canine nephew, "Lucky Louie" when he realized that my beautiful corgi girl was "in season."

It's true that Lily should have been spayed long ago, but every time it enters my mind to schedule the operation, I begin to think about Motherhood and how taking Lily's chances at having babies away seems sort of cruel, especially since she's the only creature in the house (human or otherwise) who is capable of such a feat. Everyone else is either fixed (animals) or too old (me - at least, I haven't had my eggs checked recently and assume this to be the case).

Hence, Lily is a Cougar.

And so we found ourselves on Easter Sunday, that symbolic day of re-birth, trying to keep Louie and Lily separated at The Swamp House. In fact, Louie took such an interest in Lily that he practically fell off the dock. And every time poor Louie would approach, my boy puppy Murphy would rush at him, thinking he was defending poor Lily.

And Lily! That hussy, that dirty girl would position herself in front of poor Louie and well, well, assume the position!

After numerous reprimands and being separated by closed doors, Louie finally made his move, apparently. His poor mother, my sis-in-law came to the breakfast table aghast that her poor poodle was foaming at the mouth. Lily sauntered in shortly thereafter with said foam all over her back. Hmmm . . . Then Dear Mother came in to report that the cream colored love seat was not only aptly named, but also in need of a trip to the dry cleaners. Oh dear.

And so our Easter weekend concluded w/ Lily perhaps in a state of (dis)grace and Louie, with a big doggie smile on his face.

Even the dogs in my house are seeing more action these days than I do. Sigh.

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